Couple of bits and bobs. The dog is from 2012.

First concepts of the five women in a game pitch I am designing for my Games Industry class. The assignment is to pitch a game for change- my idea is still super young but basically, you and another player are choosing your sports team, just like in high school, one by one. Each time the game is started, the stats of each character is secretly randomised and so picking your character based on their appearance is pointless.

Arie, and the Psy Bus.


Big load of sketches, drawings, great times from Maitreya coming up tomorrow. The doof was held up at Sea Lake. Big, big dusty lake bed. Lots of old friends and new ones, and a special shout out to the Psy Bus crew with whom I sat for a good 20 hours over the 48 I was there. Massive experience, I am super stuffed with reference material and excited to head back to uni!

The final designs.